Unmatched Packaging Solutions Since 1997

Lean-Pack is an industrial packaging supplier, servicing manufacturing companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. Lean-Pack recognizes that material throughput is a major variable cost for manufactures that changes by seasons, week, day and even hours; depending on your business. Our main objective is to insure our function in the supply chain is pull based from the customer; creating value.

Lean-Pack’s Model Targets:

  • Reduction of unnecessary inventory
  • Reduce floor space needs
  • Eliminate stock-outs
  • Eliminate extra handling
  • Improve inventory management
  • stream line material flow
  • Just In time
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Flexible terms 

Delivery Services

Lean Pack insures our products are delivered in a timely manner to all our customers. Whether it is the ability to deliver Full truckloads, LTL Loads, or a single item, we have the equipment and personnel to get the job done. The reaction time to an order is handled timely, cost effective, and with care.

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